EICO Productions – Neoteric – A Lone Cardist (2:59)

A video of a boy who dedicated years of practice in learning to perform complicated, beautiful card tricks.

Ystävyys: The movie holds weak ties to the term friendship. In fact, in this video, most of the clips include the main actor being by himself which could signify that due to his incredible skill in cardistry, he lacks in friends. He has an extreme amount of time to himself. This is supposed to be an abstract representation of the weirdness and random thoughts that go by when experiencing loneliness.

Paikkakunta: Helsinki

Colin Jacobs, 15 (kuvaaja, leikkaaja)
Eimer Engström, 15 (näyttelijä)

Kamera: Canon 70D

Leikkausohjelma: CC Premiere Pro 2017

Lisää kirjoittajasta Kaikki kuvaa

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